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Three-man or 3-man is a weekly Sim contest designed to encourage cooperation between players. The point of the game is to get a win in all six types of races, which are: Maiden Claiming, Claiming, Maiden Special Weight, Starter Allowance, Allowance, and Stakes (including Graded Stakes). To do this, player create a team consisting of up to three stables. A new team must be created for each new week. Teams must be completed before race results are posted, usually at noon game time on Saturday.


In order to qualify for the 3-man contest a race must meet the following conditions:

  • Only Saturday races count for the 3-man contest.
  • A winner must earn breeding points for their victory to qualify. This excludes runners who paid too much in traveling penalties or dropped their claiming price. See BP penalties.
  • Only 2yo, 3yo, 3yo+, 4yo, and 4yo+ races will be included in 3-Man Results as of week 3770. Other bid or bought races do still qualify.


To win 3-man, simply get your team at least one win in each of the six race types. Runner-ups may earn prizes for achieving at least 4 wins.

Prizes for winning 3-man include breeding points and a grand prize of credits. As of week 4029, the credit prize for winning all six race types will start at 2500 credits. If there is no overall winner, this pot will increase by 270 for each team that comes close (winning 4 or 5 types). Before week 4029 these figures were halved.

Additionally, if the team wins 4 different types of races, they will be awarded 5 bonus breeder’s points for each victory they accumulate between them during the week (in other words, if your team won 1 Maiden, 1 Allowance, 1 Claimer, and 3 Maiden Claimers, you would receive 5*(1+1+1+3) = 30 bonus points for the week). If a team wins 5 different types of races, they will be awarded 10 breeder’s points for each victory. If a team can win all 6 different types of races, they will be awarded 15 breeder’s points for each victory.

For this purpose, Graded Stakes victories count as 2 regular stakes victories. The most wins that will be counted for a particular race type is 9 (ie : if you have 10 allowance victories, only 9 will be counted).

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