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User accounts in the Sim are called stables or barns. Each stable has room for up to 10 horses. Players may run as many stables as they wish. Stables may be linked together using the Group Stables feature on the All My Stables page. Stable names are used for interacting on the message board and in the Sim chat room.

Each stable has its own sim dollars and breeding points and these may not be shared. The Sim also keeps track of many stats for each stable including number of races, win/loss record, and BPs earned per year. Some stats for individual stables can be found in the HOF trainer stats. Each stable may also support a residency.

Signing up

New stables are created by clicking on the New User link and providing a stable name and a valid e-mail address. A password will be sent confirming creation of your new stable. After receiving your password you must request horses from the new user horse pool for your stable. Once horses have been requested it may take up to 72 hours (or more) for your stable to be created. This is a good time to read the Sim instructions and Quick Start Guide as well as the New User Info articles from the Black Type Bugler.

Once created, new stables are given five horses from the pool, 25,000 sim dollars, and 50 breeding points.

Alternatively, upon request an empty stable may be provided without any horses, sim dollars, or breeding points. This is mostly done by well-established users who need a holding stable for new horses not yet ready to run.

Picking horses

The new user horse pool contains thousands of CPU owned horses available only to new stables. These may be searched by clicking the Horse Search link and entering a sire name. Currently there are around 60,000 available horses. These horses were either randomly created by the CPU or unwanted and sold/returned by other users. Although it is possible to find some winners, pool horses are generally considered to be of low quality and are usually replaced through the auction, by claiming or breeding.

Requests are made by clicking the Pick Horses link and entering the stable name, provided password, and up to ten horse ID numbers. Users who prefer to skip this step should simply enter 0 and be given a horse at random. Users may request up to 10 horses for each new stable, though they will only receive the first five that are available. There is a limit to the number of younger (two or maybe three year old) horses that will be given to a single stable (usually two of each) so choosing a variety may be a good idea.


Entering a single letter such as 'a' or 'e' as the sire search term will result in a list of most of the available horses.

New users who are fans of real life thoroughbred racing may recognize a lot of sire names because the Sim uses real life pedigrees in the breeding process. Try looking for some of your favorites from years past!

For others who may not follow real horse racing, a good strategy may be to look for new or unraced horses. Some of these can be found among the low ID numbers at age 3, usually with one-word nonsense (CPU created) names. Older unraced horses may be found starting around ID# 118180 or by following this link.

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