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For much of the Sim's history players have created and used programs and other media to expand the game's boundaries, to make in-game processes simpler, and to access Sim information in ways not offered within the game itself. Some ideas and features of these utilities have been incorporated into the game while others remain distinctly separate offerings.



Several tools and utilities are/were available exclusively online and required only a web browser and an Internet connection to function.

Coker's Statistics

Coker's Statistics offered several options including speed statistics, track records, horse name searches, and an auction list. It also was the home for a 3d viewer.


Now defunct, Yochem's Online Sim Searcher (aka YOSS) offered breeding and racing statistics, as well as a personalizable option to access stable and stable-grouping information before the All My Stables feature was available in the game.


The Nexis residency hosted several tools available to the Sim at large. Sinoboy managed these tools.

Benelux Tools

The Benelux residency hosts several tools available to the Sim at large. Yochem, previously responsible for YOSS, manages these tools. These tools include Sire Statistics, Breeding information, Nicks Analyzers, Bidraces tracker, Tipsheets for all tracks, RacingForm, Speedstats, Graded winners tracker and more. All tools are based on the current horsepool.

Horse Stats

Stakes Records

Shagfarms manages the Sim's Graded Stakes record books. The records list is currently hosted by Denovo.

Sim Trainer and Race Stats

Created and maintained by Sledge4, the Sim Trainer and Race Stats pages are housed in the Sim Hall of Fame.

Terrapin Jockey Club Tools

Now defunct, the Terrapin Jockey Club (TJC) offered several tools to the sim including a popular Stable Mail feature.


Some tools and utilities are/were available for download and operated offline (though some require(d) an Internet connection to update or connect to the Sim).

Super Sim Searcher

The Super Sim Searcher (SSS) is perhaps the granddaddy of all sim tools by virtue of its impact on later utilities. Though it is no longer in development, many of its features were later incorporated into both Stable Tool and Stable Manager.

Stable Tool

Stable Manager

Stable Manager, developed and supported by longtime player Jimj, incorporates many of the statistical attributes of the Super Sim Searcher with options to manage most of the daily and weekly Sim tasks more efficiently via the Stable Manager application.

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