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Times in the Sim are based upon the United States Eastern time zone (GMT-5). This time is sometimes referred to as Official Game Time (OGT)

Dates in the Sim are listed in the form of a week number. This is somewhat of a misnomer as the week is the total number of days counting from July 20, 1998 (although that is not considered to be the start of the Sim because this count fluctuated early in Sim history). Sim weeks are usually referred to by the week number that Saturday races occur on, although this number is different for RODOTS.

The Sim year begins during the update that preceeds the first Saturday in January, although the beginning of that week (including RODOTS) may actually occur in late December. This is when many changes occur, including the forced retirement of horses age 12, the aging of all other horses, the adding of new sires, updating or retirement of existing sires, and the resetting of retired mare availability and also various yearly game statistics. The 2010 Sim year began during week 4547. The 2011 Sim year will begin during week 4918.

Breeding in the Sim is considered to be two years in advance of real world time, because newly bred horses arrive in race condition rather than as foals. New sires usually become available in January once it is known that their real world counterparts will be available for stud duty. In practice, a Sim sire may have runners three years or more ahead of his real world equivalent. See breeding.


The Sim week is considered to begin after the Sunday update, which usually starts around noon and lasts a number of hours, ending approximately around 4:00 PM. This is when new horses bred during the week arrive in your stables. Breeding for the new week starts at a random time after the update is complete, usually within 24 hours. The update also begins the new race week, after which players can begin entering horses for all race days and may sponsor races for future weeks. Auction entries and horse transfers also begin at this time.

Some significant times during the week include:

  • Tuesday, 6:00 AM: Entries and jockey selections for Tuesday races close. Races are carded some time after this, usually after a few hours.
  • Tuesday, approximately 6-7 PM (or later): Submission for Tuesday claims and betting closes, and race results are posted.
  • Wednesday, 3:00-6:00 PM: Soft closing time for entries occurs randomly during this time.
  • Wednesday, 6:00 PM: Entries and jockey selections for Saturday races close. Entries for the weekly Sim auction and horse transfers also must be in before this time. Races are carded soon after this.
  • Thursday, noon: Auction sale closings begin and continue randomly through Saturday night.
  • Thursday, 6:00 PM: According to the schedule on the Sim instructions, jockey instructions for Saturday races must be submitted by this time.
  • Friday, 6:00 AM: Entries and jockey selections for Friday races close. Race results are posted soon after this time.
  • Saturday, noon: Entries into the 3-man contest, Claim requests and betting for Saturday races close. Race results begin to show up soon after this, though the process takes some time.
  • Saturday, afternoon: Claim results are posted some time after noon. Claimed horses and auction purchases join their new stables a few hours later. Also at this time the horses' conditions are updated, and breeding points and Sim dollars are added or subtracted.
  • Sunday, 9:00? AM: According to the Sim instructions schedule, this is the deadline for breeding and training instructions, although in practice breeding often continues until the update starts around noon (or later). The deadline for bidding and buying races is also at that time. This is the end of the Sim week.
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