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Race restrictions or conditions are the qualifications a horse must meet for entry into a specific race. These are numerous and generally based upon a horse's past performance, age, and gender.



All races have an age requirement for entry. Some may be restricted to a specific age, while others may only have a minimum age requirement. Some common restrictions include 2yo only, 3yo only, 4yo only, 3yo+, and 4yo+. These last two restrictions mean that any horse over that age is eligible. Other age restrictions may exist for sponsored races.


Some races are restricted only to female horses (fillies and mares). All other races are open, which means horses of either sex may enter. There are no male only races.


NW?? races

Race restrictions are often written in the form of NW??, often expressed as "non-winners of..." races. These have various meanings depending upon the letter used. The numerical value of these conditions may range from 1 to 4.

  • x means the horse must have less than this many NMCOS wins in its history. NMCOS stands for non maiden, claiming, or starter races. This effectively means the total number of wins in allowance and stakes races combined.
  • L means the horse must not have won this many races in its entire racing career.
  • y means the horse must not have this many wins within the past year.
  • n means the horse must have less than this many wins in the last nine months.
  • s means the horse must have fewer than this many wins in the past six months.
  • t means the horse must not have won this many races during the last three months.

Example: A race listed as NW3L is for horses with less than 3 wins in their lifetime. A race listed as NW1x is for horses that have never won an allowance or stakes race.

(T) races

Races marked with a (T) restriction are limited to horses that ran at that same track in their previous race. Because there are normally only a few horses that fit this restriction these races are considered some of the easiest to win and cost more credits when bidding races.

Player-carded stakes races may carry the (T) restriction. Board finishers in such races will not earn the usual stakes points that a standard stake would carry, but instead will earn points equivalent to allowance races.

*CPU value

A CPU value restriction is expressed as a number following an asterisk (e.g. *300). CPU restricted races require a horse to have a CPU value equal to or lower than the specified value, and have at least 5 career starts. CPU restricted races range from *15 to *900.

The CPU value is an estimate the Sim makes on the value of a horse. This is based upon the speed figures of the last five races combined with the total number of wins within the past year. The CPU value is calculated as follows:

A = average of the speed figures in the last five races.
B = fastest speed figure of the last five races.
If A is less than 80% of B then A = B * 0.8.
C = A + B - 115 (or zero if this value is negative).
D = the number of races won in the past year.
CPU value = 0.1 * C ^ ( 2 + D / 50 ) rounded down, with a maximum of 1000.

Example: A horse that ran all 100 speeds with no wins would have a CPU value of 722. One win would raise this to 789.

Local bred

Local bred, state-bred, or regional races are limited to horses bred at the same location as the race, or (in certain areas) to a certain group of locations. See track locations.

Entry into these races will not require traveling costs, but may still involve a bp penalty. These races may additionally require any of the above conditions.

Stakes eligibility

A horse must meet certain requirements for eligibility to enter a stakes race. See stakes races.

Unused restrictions

The Sim instructions list two other race conditions that are no longer used:

  • (H) races are restricted to homebred, or player-bred horses. See horse breeding
  • (C) races are restricted to non-homebred, or computer created horses.
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